NJ House Raising costs can vary wildly, as well as the quality of the job, depending on the contractor you hire for the job.  If you are researching the costs involved with raising your home, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

First off, I’m going to let you know that my personal experience involves New Jersey specifically.  Our family was affected by Hurricane Sandy so the pricing I will mention may vary greatly depending on what part of the country you are in.  I am not familiar with the cost to raise a house outside of NJ.

In New Jersey, thousands are seeking out the services of NJ house raising companies in order to lift their homes to higher elevations, all in an effort to better withstand the wrath of Mother Nature.

Some of your house raising questions can be answered on the NJ house raising website.

But elsewhere, some homes have been built so large that not only would house raising NJ be an undertaking of historic proportions, it would take a storm the likes of which we’ve never seen to knock them down.

Just how big are we talking about? Big! Take a look at this survey of the largest privately owned houses in America and you’ll be floored at just how big “big” can be. We present them here in reverse order by size.

Fairfield – Billionaire Ira Rennert’s sprawling multi-house estate is so largest, it inspired the book The House That Ate Hamptons. Just the main house alone is nearly 67,000 square feet. Taken as a whole, the entire compound is the largest residential compound in the Unites States. It is located in Sagaponack, New York, and is just larger than Xanadu II, the estate of Bill Gates.

Pensmore – When this still in progress home is completed, it will rank as one of the largest homes in American history. Planned at over 72,000 square feet, it is being built by the former head of a software company and current head of a concrete company. The builders claim this house will be Earthquake proof, tornado proof, fire resistant, and darn near indestructible thanks to its concrete construction.

 Versailles – Florida’s famed Versailles house, owned by entrepreneur David Siegel, costs an astounding $100 million to construct. With over 90,000 square feet of space, this house has 10 kitchens (what do you need 10 kitchens for?), 13 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, and a 20 car garage. It was also the subject of a controversial documentary called The Queen of Versailles.

Oheka Castle – The best house lifting NJ companies can handle just about anything thrown at them, but a 109,000 square foot castle might be a little more than even they can handle! Situated in Huntington, New York, this gigantic house is no longer a private home, though it is still privately owned. It is now a historic hotel. At one time, however, it was a rich family’s summer home. Today, it is a popular location for weddings and even Hollywood movie shoots.

The Biltmore House – Located in Asheville, North Carolina, the world famous Biltmore House took a lengthy six years to construct (from 1889 to 1895) and comes in at a jaw dropping 179,000 square feet. To put that in context, look at it this way: you can put nearly 60 of your 3,000 square foot homes inside it! This incredible historic mansion boasts more than 250 rooms. The estate, which is owned by descendants of the Vanderbilts, was eventually opened to the public. Today it is a popular tourist attraction.